Kara has become her boyfriend Tyler's rock; getting him back on his feet after a turbulent time in his life. They're planning on getting married and everything is perfect, that is until Tyler's ex-girlfriend, Isabelle returns from rehab and wants to get her life back - starting with Tyler. Kara is immediately threatened by Isabelle who is everything Kara's not - sexy, daring and outspoken. To Kara's shock, Isabelle begins injecting herself into her and Tyler's life and Kara fears that Tyler may fall back into his bad habits, the ones he's worked so hard to overcome. As Kara's world starts to crumble, she notices that Isabelle may be behind some violent threats against her. Does Kara have it in her to stand up to Isabelle or will she succumb to Isabelle's sinister plans? What starts off as one woman's desire to hold on to her fiancé and the life they've built together, turns into a twisted game of cat and mouse, as Kara tries to survive the jealous wrath of the "evil" ex-girlfriend.