Month: October 2020

Incendo Completes Production on Five Romantic Comedy Films And Will Begin Production of 12 New Features


Montreal, October 29, 2020 – Set against newly adapted film production and COVID-19 health and wellness regulations, Incendo has safely completed production on the organization’s next slate of Rom Com films. The five movies have wrapped on-schedule by creating an innocuous filming environment, meticulously regulating all on-set health standards, and the collaborative efforts across production cast and crew. Incendo will begin production of an additional 12 features in early 2021. 

By choosing filming locations in Canada and New Zealand and strategically planned production, Incendo was able to keep safely on schedule. At the same time, these settings embody beautiful backdrops that exemplify the conceptual look, feel and unique authenticity essential for the genre. 

“Overcoming the obstacles of filming during a global pandemic has been challenging, and it is because of the exceptional hard work and dedication of our cast, crew and co-production partners that we were able to accomplish wrapping each production safely and on time, all the while maintaining the creativity we envisioned,” said Ian Whitehead, Head of Development and Production. “I am exceedingly proud of every individual who has had a hand in bringing these movies to life.” 

The completed television movies round out a record-setting number of produced features for Incendo since filming began in late July. 

A Love Yarn – Sophie, the owner of a quaint New Zealand yarn shop, learns that her top supplier is stopping production. When U.S. auditor Samuel comes to town, she has two weeks to learn about yarn spinning and raise enough money to buy the mill. As time runs out, Sophie finds herself at the crossroads of business and romance. 

You May Kiss the Bridesmaid – NYC food influencer Scarlett’s life gets put on hold when she returns to her hometown for her sister’s wedding. After losing the wedding venue, she must work with her childhood flame Liam, now the owner of her family home and B&B, to pull things off at the last minute. 

One of a Kind Love – Kyra’s jeweller aspirations are re-ignited when a shop becomes available in town. Learning that a mystery bidder is also interested in the space, she enters a jewellry contest to raise the money – just as her childhood nemesis and business magnate Aiden returns home. Working to mend their past, Kyra and Aiden discover their hopes and dreams may be aligned. 

Seasoned with Love – Winona’s chef status accelerates when she is invited to audition for a television show, but life take a turn when her car breaks down in small town New Holland. Renting a room from inn-owner Adam, Winona agrees to cook at the Spring Festival while her car gets fixed – soon grasping her love for the town…and one certain resident. 

Together Forever Tea – Marketing whiz Lara is summoned to the town of Kissing Falls to settle the affairs of her late aunt’s tea shop, ultimately switching course to fulfill her aunt’s wish of having her tea awarded by a council of sommeliers. Working with flower expert Matt, they recreate a ‘love potion’ tea, which may be intensely rewarding to both of them. 

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