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Incendo & Tubi Are Full Steam Ahead with Terror Train 2

Toronto, November 28, 2022 – Incendo and Fox Entertainment-owned streaming giant, Tubi officially announce Terror Train 2, the second film of the franchise and sequel to the modernized remake. A Tubi Original, Terror Train 2 pays homage to the original 1980 film that famously took place during a New Year’s Eve party and will premiere New Year’s Eve exclusively in the U.S. on Tubi and on Bell Media’s Crave in Canada. 
“Our remake reintroduced a new generation to Terror Train, and now Tubi’s first ever horror sequel expands on the premise with a completely original storyline,” said Adam Lewinson, Chief Content Officer (Tubi). “This new ride aboard the Terror Train begins on New Year’s Eve with ‘Final Girl’ Alana and the mysterious Magician facing a new menace in this horror whodunit.”
“Horror-genre franchises have proven time and time again to be some of the most successful film brands,” added Brook Peters, Managing Director and Senior Vice-President, Sales & Production Operations & Executive Producer (Incendo). “In the sequel, we’re thrilled to offer horror fans a seamless and terrifying continuation of the story that also pays a themed-tribute to the original 1980 cult classic.”
In Terror Train 2, it has been over a year since a series of gruesome, vengeful murders took the lives of multiple college seniors aboard the now infamous Terror Train. Alana (Robyn Alomar) is coerced to join The Magician (Tim Rozon) and other remaining survivors on a New Year’s Eve redemption ride aboard the very same train, where a new kind of evil spawns a vengeful bloodbath and once again, the terrified passengers fight to survive.
Ian Carpenter and Aaron Martin (Slasher) return as the writing duo, as does director Philippe Gagnon (Amber Alert). Terror Train 2 is produced by Graham Ludlow and Kaleigh Kavanagh; Executive Producers are Graham Ludlow, Shari Segal, and Brook Peters.   Incendo will represent global distribution and Tubi is the commissioning U.S. licensee of the film.
Terror Train and Terror Train 2 were the initial projects greenlit under the Incendo & Tubi content partnership, with Terror Train having premiered this past October as part of Tubi’s successful annual month-long Halloween-inspired genre celebration, “Terror on Tubi”. Original film Marry F*** Kill, and The Amityville Curse, an adaptation of Hans Holzer’s iconic novel, were also announced as horror-themed partnership projects, both of which are in various stages of production.
Leading up to the December 31, 2022 premiere of Terror Train 2, subscribers can still stream both the 1980 and 2022 versions of Terror Train and on Tubi in the U.S. and on Crave in Canada.
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