Meet Andrea Allen

she/her | Toronto, CA

Responsibility: I manage Incendo’s brand & content marketing, and corporate communications across our development, production, and distribution divisions including marketing events, promotions, sponsorships, creative design, social & digital marketing, production marketing, publicity, and media & talent relations. I also provide pre & post-sale marketing support for domestic and global sales distribution.

About: Before joining the fold at Incendo, I spent more than 15 years supporting the communications and publicity across a diverse portfolio of entertainment brands, genres, and platforms. As a lifelong and voracious consumer of “content”, I still feel so lucky to be part of this dynamic industry. Off the clock, I like listening to music while I cook, streaming a podcast while en route to a new restaurant, movie, or stand-up show, and scrolling through TikTok while watching TV. (I’m only human.) I also enjoy a good old-fashioned book with words and getting angry while watching award shows.

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