Meet Dianne Dagenais

she/her | Montreal, CA

Responsibility: My main task is to make sure that the films and series get to the broadcaster in the right time and format for people to enjoy them.  That means working closely with sale to make sure all is available to the broadcaster to make sure they have everything and to our labs and partner to get the proper material. I am also there to answer any technical questions the team might have

About: I fell in love with cinema when I was a kid.  After cinema studies at the University of Montreal, I worked in distribution for a while, then, went to working in film festival for five years, discovering wonderful films and artisans from around the world.  I came back in distribution afterwards, and even work more then ten years in a lab before arriving at Incendo. When not working, I do enjoy films, foreign to travel a couple of hours, horror, comedy or just a good flick. I also like to keep studying China, where I spend three months during university, or spend time with amazing people.

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