Meet Kaleigh Kavanagh

She/her | Montreal, CA

Responsibility: I’m involved in all Incendo projects from pitch through post- production. We source exciting and forward-thinking content to develop, utilizing our relationships within the industry to collaborate with already established talent as well as up- and-coming undiscovered gems. Once a project has been greenlit, I oversee all aspects of production– from budgeting and scheduling, to casting, and the day to day of physical production on set, through to the final product.

About: After responding to a non-descript job posting, (“Looking for self-starting assistant”) I found myself on the set of the SAW movies, as the assistant to the Executive Producer. Even though I had zero film biz experience and thought I wanted to be a journalist, I suddenly found myself right where I belonged. And I haven’t looked back since.  When I’m not prepping or filming a project, you can find me either at my cottage or travelling, cooking, taking long walks around the city, trying new restaurants, or going to the movies.

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