Madison Peterson has found herself in a rut, struggling to find direction between her unfulfilling corporate job in San Francisco and lack of a love life. When her two best friends – a couple named Lorri and Ben – announce their engagement, Madison is offered the chance to pursue her love of event management by taking on the role of their wedding planner and bridesmaid. While researching ideas that will meet the couple’s out-of-the-ordinary style, Madison finds a picturesque and fully pre-planned wedding package on a vineyard located on Waiheke Island in New Zealand, owned by the handsome and enigmatic David Westhaven. Upon arrival in New Zealand, with exactly one week until the vows, Madison and David join forces to reimagine the pre-arranged event, so it aligns with the lovingly eclectic wedding theme Madison had in mind. As David introduces Madison to his wine and island home, she opens his eyes to new possibilities for the vineyard, and they both soon discover a potential pairing of their own.

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