Sweet as Maple Syrup

Since early childhood, Rachelle Beaumont and her family have tapped the best quality maple syrup on the Eastern seaboard. Now with her parents retired abroad, she has taken over the family operation and alongside her brother, Steven, intends to keep the business profitable. However, when their yield starts to steadily decline, Rachelle must enlist the help of Dr. Derek Spears, a professor of arboriculture who is consulting with the local high school to build an envi-sci lab for the upcoming Maple Syrup Festival. Derek, who firmly believes that the orchard’s health can be solved through pure science, at first clashes with Rachelle, whose perspective comes from a background of hands-on experience. Putting their differences aside, they race to heal the maple trees in time for the festival. As Rachelle teaches Derek about small town living and her family business, Derek in turn demonstrates the importance of science behind cultivation practices and it becomes evidently clear their newfound friendship may have a sweet ending of its own.

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