The Secret Sauce

Laura Glickman is a passionate and talented marketing director at Supreme Sauce, the largest condiment producer in Chicago. Discovering a large social media following for J&P, a quaint mid-west barbecue joint known for its delicious sauce, Laura sees an opportunity to manage her company’s latest sponsorship. With J&P’s yearly BBQ cook-off just one week away, Laura travels down to supervise the event branding, alongside some added corporate pressure to convince the owner to let her company license their family sauce recipe. Initially, Laura struggles to settle into the slow-paced, old-fashioned small town, and more so clashes with Jim Covell, J&P’s charming owner who has taken over the family business operations. Jim is accustomed to doing things his own way, and while he knows that help from a marketing wiz like Laura will give him the means to update and expand J&P, he resists the idea of joining forces with a large business empire, particularly around sharing his homemade secret sauce recipe. Laura and Jim ultimately discover their differences work well together, just in time for the BBQ battle. And with a dash of trust and splash of mutual admiration, their new-found friendship marinades into something much bolder and sweet.

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