Kelsey Graham is an online magazine copy editor who has dreamed of being a journalist since she was a little girl. Finally working up the courage to fulfill her ambition, she pitches some article ideas to her boss, none of which seem to stick until she jokingly brings up the idea of a sceptic’s take on astrology and horoscopes. To her surprise the pitch is approved, pending she can convince Cater Bowman, an Astrology guru who runs a successful ‘StarStories’ App, to come on board to bring some authenticity and his experience to her piece. Tracking Carter down to his hometown of Jupiter, a small Southern California town about to host a meteor shower festival, Kelsey travels from San Diego to attend, and manages to sell him on her idea. It is clear from the start that Kelsey and Carter are as opposite as night and day. After all, he is a believer in fate, faith and love at first sight, whereas Kelsey is a natural-born cynic with a journalistic instinct. Knowing Carter’s contribution is necessary for her big break – and for Carter, the chance to share his views with Kelsey – they put their heads together and competing perspectives aside, each learning a little something new along the way. Under the dark night skies, set against a backdrop of sparkling starlight, Kelsey and Carter unearth – through both fact and fate – that love really can be written in the stars.

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