As Gouda As it Gets

Brie Belanger is the maître fromager and owner of Brie’s Cheese, a cute artisan cheese shop located in picturesque Vermont. Looking to boost her business presence and sales, the town’s annual Cheese Festival arrives just in time with a $50,000 first-place prize. Up against her biggest competitor, Brie’s vintage smoked gouda is considered a frontrunner – so much so that Jacob Wolfe, a former chef and influential cheese blogger, approaches about profiling her delectable creation, leading their friendship to take a turn for romance. Complications arise when Matt Lambert, the handsome and charismatic new CEO of Lambert Farms (and Brie’s largest competitor) starts to show his interest in acquiring her shop. Racing against the clock and a disastrous power failure, Brie and Jacob must recreate a prize-worthy entry if she has any hope of keeping her shop and potentially winning more than she initially hoped for.

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