Congratulations to 2021 Directors Guild of Canada Award Nominees Anne de Léan and Jean Bécotte for the Thriller Within These Walls. 

Montreal, July 9, 2021 – Incendo is delighted to congratulate 2021 DGC Award nominees and creative talents Anne de Léan and Jean Bécotte for their contribution to the television movie Within These Walls. Anne has been nominated in the category of Outstanding Directorial Achievement, and Jean for Best Production Design, both in the Movies for Television and Mini-Series group. 

With over 200 submissions in the Television category at this year’s awards, heartfelt congratulates are sent to all nominees for their exceptional creative achievement and significant contribution to the Canadian entertainment industry. 

Winners will be celebrated at the 20th Annual Awards ceremony this fall and an announcement from the DGC will follow in the coming weeks as to the venue and date for the awards presentation. 

Within These Walls – Single mother Mel has a great life. She lives with her boyfriend, Ben, and her daughter, Brook, in a beautiful house, she has a thriving career, and good friends. But her state of tranquility is disrupted when she and Ben break up. After he moves out, strange things start happening around the house that threaten her safety, her security, and her well-being. As Mel struggles to cope, she begins to wonder if Ben was her protector… or something far more sinister. 

The film is currently available on Crave in Canada. 

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