Incendo Announces New Executive Team in Toronto 

Toronto, September 18, 2020 – Incendo has modernized the company’s business and positioning strategy, appointing Brook Peters as Senior Vice-President & Managing Director, Sales and Production Operations Incendo Toronto, it was announced today by Jean Bureau, President. Mr. Peters will oversee all sales and Ontario production operations in Incendo’s ‘ramped up’ Toronto office with a specific focus on expanding Canadian English-language production opportunities under the leadership of Incendo’s Head of development and Production, Ian Whitehead, as well as innovating domestic and global sales strategies in collaboration with Gavin Reardon, Head of International Sales and Co-Productions, located in Los Angeles. 

“Incendo is rapidly expanding, and with progressive collaboration across our production activities, strategic partnerships and content sales, we know that Brook’s pristine reputation and fresh perspective on the business will cultivate the growth of our brand worldwide,” said Jean Bureau. 

Mr. Peters is a familiar face in the industry, known for his professionalism, honesty and innovative business approach. With 20 years working in various aspects of the film and television industry, Brook’s content sales, acquisitions, and executive experience expands across studio, network broadcast, and digital media channels and services in Canada and the USA. Prior to this position, Brook was the Vice-President, Sales in English Canada for Fox/Incendo, a joint venture with Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution and Incendo Media, Inc. Incendo is continuing to develop, produce and distribute premium content for domestic and international audiences. 

Incendo has also named Effi Eustace as Vice-President, Sales & Marketing. Working directly with Brook Peters out of the Toronto office, Effi will offer strategic sales support and oversee global marketing efforts and brand development. A well-respected global industry executive, Ms. Eustace previously managed Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution’s international marketing, publicity and promotion in 85 countries. 

“Effi is a creative strategist and a highly respected marketing executive,” said Brook Peters, Senior Vice-President & Managing Director. “Her extensive knowledge of the film and television business combined with nearly two decades of industry and brand experience makes her an integral part of our fresh vision for the future of Incendo. The adage ‘only surround yourself with the best people’ applies not only to Effi, but the entire team we are building in the Toronto office.” 

Rounding out the new Toronto lineup, Valerie Pyram has been appointed to the position of Director, Contracts and Business Affairs. Reporting to Shari Segal, Valerie will manage legal, contractual and business affairs for domestic and international production and distribution agreements. Since joining Fox/Incendo two and a half years ago, Valerie has proven to be an invaluable asset to the company as a key driver in executing Incendo’s licensing, production and distribution agreement. 

Photos of newly announced executives are available here

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