Incendo Begins Principal Photography on the Uniquely Sweet Romantic Comedy Film Farmer Seeking Love. 

Montreal, July 6, 2021 – Production began yesterday in Montreal on Farmer Seeking Love, Incendo’s seventh film of the 2021 slate. 

This Romantic Comedy features Canadian actors Donna Benedicto (Supergirl, Almost Human, Supernatural) and Jesse Hutch (Batwoman, The Butterfly Effect, Project Blue Book). Written by Gemma Holdway, Incendo is delighted to re-partner with visionary director Caroline Labrèche. Ian Whitehead will produce the film; Graham Ludlow is Supervising Producer; Executive Producers are Jean Bureau and Ian Whitehead. 

Farmer Seeking Love As a talented producer for the dating reality-TV show, ‘Head Over Heels’, Claire Bardoz’s days are spent behind the curtain, focused on producing the epic love stories of her contestants, all the while living vicariously through her own lacking love life. Looking to spice up the show format for their next season, Claire is elated when she receives an application from Joe Bennett, a ruggedly handsome farmer looking to be their next suitor. Thinking this could be the fresh take the show needs, Claire leaves the bustling streets of New York City and heads to Joe’s farm to officially cast him as their next bachelor and get him camera-ready. Upon arrival, Claire learns that Joe’s sister Addison submitted his application for the show, completely unbeknownst to him. As a massive fan of ‘Head Over Heels’, Addison sincerely wants to see her brother find love, and Joe begrudgingly agrees to participate after learning the TV show will not only film on his farm, but also pay for some much-needed upgrades. Through a romantically themed progression of screen tests, casting selections, and extravagant small-town date experiences, Claire earns Joe’s trust with the process, and he in turn inspires her greatest potential. As their time together leads up to filming the show’s first episode, it becomes evidently clear that deep-seeded feelings between Claire and Joe have harvested into a reality that does not require an audience or end credits. 

Incendo has completed production on six Rom Coms this year with several additional films in pre-production, and a collection of original, multi-genre content in various stages of development for the remainder of 2021. 

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