Incendo Begins Principal Photography on When Love Blooms, a Compelling Romantic Comedy Film Being Shot in Montreal. 

Montreal, May 25, 2021 – Production begins today in Montreal on When Love Blooms, Incendo’s sixth film of the 2021 slate. 

This Romantic Comedy stars Canadian actress Sarah Power (Good Witch, Killjoys, American Gothic) and Thomas Cadrot (Debris, The Good Doctor, Firefly Lane). Written by Jack Waz, Incendo extends a warm welcome to director Éric Tessier. Samantha Ellison will produce the film; Executive Producers are Jean Bureau and Ian Whitehead. 

When Love Blooms Risk management analyst Ann Keller’s world is full of facts and figures. Just as she hopes to add some creativity back into her life, her father Tom has a minor accident and Ann winds up back in her hometown of Franklin Heights, a place she left years before in pursuit of a career in the big city. During her stay, Ann discovers that Tom has secretly become a competitive flower arranger and was set to compete in the upcoming ‘Botanic Cup’. Deciding the best way to help him out – and scratch her creative itch – they both agree that Ann, through a loophole in the competition rules, will participate on her dad’s behalf with the help of Aaron Blum, Franklin Heights charming resident florist. Its big city versus small town as Ann and Aaron put their opposing perspectives aside. Their effort pays off, with Ann qualifying for the final round of the competition, ultimately leading to a newfound friendship and a chance for them to compete in the finals. And much like a flower bud thriving in the right environment, Ann and Aaron’s time together cultivates into a blooming romance. 

Incendo has successfully wrapped production on five Rom Coms this year with several additional films in pre-production, and a collection of original, multi-genre content in various stages of development for the remainder of 2021. 

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